How To Not “Rape Block” Conversation

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I may offend many with this video blog, but I stand by it. This is for those people who bring up at inappropriate times something horrific they have experienced in their past. The new definition of a “Hot Mess” is often reserved for someone usually a woman who has had a very traumatic past yet has not healed from it. If this is you please go get therapy… I mean that very sincerely….

However PLEASE DON’T “rape block” a conversation forcing people to listen to your story… often times the person you are talking to has no clue how to handle the situation and you may have successfully made everyone extremely uncomfortable.

As someone who has experienced a few bad experiences myself, I hate it when some twit brings up a terrible past trauma under the guise of “empowerment”.

To me it often appears the person just wants to control the conversation or garner sympathy or attention…. Yea I said it.

These horrible things brought up at an inappropriate time, usually just triggers my bad past memories that I have no desire to think about at that exact second.

I also can speak on behalf of those close to me… I have had an aunt who was brutally raped and left for dead. It made the news it was so horrific. Now about 30 years later that is the last thing she wants to think about so when some well intentioned fellow rape victim blabs about their own personal experience with it in the middle of a conversation that has nothing to do with rape you can actually see my aunt start to look like she just may vomit.

My mom was kidnapped when I was 4, (yes my mother is allowing me to write a book about it!) And that is exactly what I am doing, writing a book where my mom and I have talked about it. Hopefully it will be a healing thing for her and others for sure.

However if my mom heard me drop the “my mom was kidnapped” card to brag about her courage when she was simply enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon, my mother just might close-fisted punch me in the face… with good reason. Yes she is courageous however she sure as hell doesn’t want to think about it all that often.

So for those of you empowered people out there who have survived a terrible life experience I am very happy for you and I would love to hear about it at a meeting, or on a show where that is the topic.

But the rest of the time, not so much…