Men’s Size And What We Women Would Like Ya To Do! Part 2: Ode To Nice Guys

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I don’t care what other women say. Forget the bad boys, nice guys are by far the best in bed in the long run. (This coming from a now mentally stable woman who has spent years doing it all wrong…) Trust me ladies the bad boy is not what you want.

There are other myth’s out there like the infamous, “Latin Lover”, who yes may be great however he is only great if he is a great guy. No disrespect what so ever to Latin men but my point is that the “Latin” part isn’t necessary to be a hotty in bed…

I say this because you can be a white, glow in the dark, American guy and rock a woman’s world better than anyone out there if you tap into your inner mellow yet kind “Brad Hamiliton” (description below…)

After receiving quite a few responses on my video “Men’s Size And What We Women Would Like Ya To Do!” I would say there are a ton of nice guys out there so this video is for you. With that said I did get a few bad boys not too happy about my suggestions. I am pleading with them to come to the light!

After years researching this subject, (I refer to it as research so that my slutty past behavior can not be mistaken for anything other than higher learning,) I can say without a doubt nice guys finish first. Through the years I have heard about “Naughty Boys” or whatever else constitutes supposed sexual dynamo’s in the sack and none compare to a genuinely good man.

I’m not referring to an Uber Pussy, or a Peter Panish Mama’s Boy, (terms I just now made up…) I’m talking Judge Reinhold’s character Brad Hamilton in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”. Memba him? (Yes he was the one jerking off to Phoebe Cates as she came out of the pool…) For you young un’s out there go study this character if you want to learn how to be truly sexy in my opinion.

In that movie Brad Hamilton was the ultra cool, nice, chilled out guy that everyone adored. He also seemed like he was still a badass who could fuck someone up if they messed with him, yet I doubt anyone ever did. He was popular with everyone including the ladies due to his super power nice guy skills.

For dudes like Brad, women don’t really care what your dick size is. AND if you are laid back and funny like him, you could probably get away with talking about your manly parts without offending a woman or scaring her away… that is if she is the right kind of chick I am referring to, and if you wanted to give her a heads up whether it be uniquely large or small. Some women may not think they want to know but deep down inside I am pretty sure they do.

Randy, the guy I mention in this video did that very thing. To listen to Randy talk about it go to this link for the podcast “Between The Sheets” and go to around 19 minutes into the podcast to hear our conversation about it.