I got 3 emails yesterday off of the post I did yesterday on infidelity. I get a few emails from people now and then in affairs that want us all to give suggestions on their affair problems, ie how to leave the spouse or if they should? Yada yada yada, whatever dude.

I wrote in my post, I don’t care. Do whatever ya want. I don’t cheat, don’t have time for people that do, and have little compassion for it I admit.

That’s just me, this is just a silly page, if you disagree cool. You asked my opinion, I gave it.

But then came the three emails, “What if I have a disabled child (emotional issue,) and can not get out of my marriage until this child is 18 it would be too upsetting to the child.” Or “Married to my high school mate, we can not afford divorce.” Or the best one, (I’m paraphrasing,) “Her husband is abusive to her mentally. There is nothing she can do to leave at this stage in her because of her kids.”

Why did you guys send me the emails? Why on earth does it matter to you that you get some strange woman with a Facefuck page to agree with you?

Do you want me to say, “yes, you’re right I misunderstood. Your affair is completely justified.” I can’t give you that. But I’m not a judge. I am a stupid woman with a Facefuck page. I am no one, take my words as only my words.

I will only continue with why I disagree with you. I have a friend who has an autistic son. His wife is an absolutely condescending cruel woman. He says he can not leave for the reasons you discussed. He will leave when this boy is of age. Those are the cards he was dealt. He has accepted it, and there will be one gigantic huge massive party when it’s time for him to leave. But for now, he works his ass off, takes care of his family, does not cheat, and will move on when the time is right. He has that strange thing called integrity.

To the person who can’t afford it. My mom left an abusive 13 year marriage with pretty close to nothing. It can be done. If you both don’t want to spend the money, then perhaps a conversation about splitting up anyway and being with other people is in order. Not lying behind each others backs.

I assume you come here to appease your guilt and look for validation.

This ain’t the place, I am terribly sorry.

You asked, I answered.

For the man who wrote me yesterday that is having an affair with a married woman that is in the abusive relationship with her husband. How’s that workin’ for ya Prince Charming? She cries on your shoulder, you fuck her, you feel you are “protecting” her, when really all it sounds like you are doing is enabling her to pull the victim card and not leave. Then you are all alone, wondering how to handle it so you reach out to a Facefuck page because no one in your day to day life will give you any sympathy either.

I have been in abusive relationships. The difference between the woman you’re bangin and me, is I am not a delicate flower lookin’ for a big strong man to protect me, while another big strong man hurts me. I would severe my own arm with my teeth to cut a tie if I have to. So that is the kind of woman you are asking when you come to this page.

Please don’t get upset that I won’t treat your little fragile baby girl with kid gloves, I want that bitch to woman the fuck up and leave without dragging some other man into her nonsense on the way out.

You all should start a cheaters support page. You can all justify all you want. In other parts of the world cheating is almost considered the norm. In countries like that where it is a sort of understood thing I may not be able to understand that philosophy. But as an American monogamous woman, this shit makes no sense to me. Never has, I doubt it ever will.

Why not just find other people who aren’t into monogamy either? Have threesomes, get freaky, have multiple partners, knock yerself out as long as there is no deception I say have at it.
The dude who emailed me said, again I am paraphrasing “I go to church and am a good man. I fell in love with this woman there was no stopping it, and I can’t stand that another man is so cruel to her. It eats me alive.”

You go to church? That makes you a good man? Interesting. Chances are that church you belong to preaches “honesty” so if you come to my page and I say the same damn thing, don’t expect my standards to be any less.

Look in the mirror dude, you ain’t helpin’ no one. Don’t kid yerself.

Help her find a therapist, don’t help her by feeding her your cock.

Ya, I said it.