This Divey-Ass Bar’s Approval

This Divey-Ass Bar's Approval

“Do you get flack from family members or friends for doing this, or do you have family or friends that read your page that you wish they didn’t?” I was talking to someone who was doing my hair and she wanted to know because she reads this all the time and she was really curious. (HI BY THE WAY! MY HAIR LOOKS DEEEELICIOUS THANK YOU.)

This is for you.

Everyone I know is really supportive regardless and they are smart enough to know I am who I am, it’s pretty clear I ain’t changing for anyone.

Even my new mother-in-law is aware of this and the only thing she ever sent me regarding this page was a suggestion.

My new mother in law sent me an email after seeing one of my posts where I was defending something. I forget what. She thought I shouldn’t feel the need to defend myself ever. She sent me a very lovely email telling me to always hold my head high and never feel the need to defend anything. She was a psych ward nurse so she has seen all sorts of crazy. Nothing surprises her.

I told her as you all know, I actually like doing it, it’s part of the page, none of this is taken too seriously, and calling things out I have found actually does work. So her very kind words, I actually shot down a bit. As you all know I am prone to do.

Unlike real life where it is best to take the high road, there is nothing about pages like mine that are meant to be taken too seriously. They are random spewings of thoughts certainly nothing to analyze as to the “why’s” or “how’s”. I just do whatever I want. It’s very freeing.

So when I get asked how does my family feel about all that I do here? I treat them just as I treat anyone.

I am even doing this post to address what many people would say is something not necessary to be addressed but I address it anyway in case you too are curious.

This IS the answer.

I don’t give a fuck. I really don’t. If a family member or friend stumbles on this or anything I write, it is me doing what I do for the sake of what I am building here.

I am not interested in ok’ing it with anyone.

If my own family or friends had the power to get me to stop anything I was doing here I would be full of shit.

I will mouth off to all of you, but not my own family or my own friends?

That would be pretty hypocritical in my opinion.

So I say this to EVERYONE. If you don’t like it, what are you doing here?

If it makes you uncomfortable. What are you doing here?

If you are snooping to just feed your curiosity. That is your problem not mine.

And last I am not that important, neither are you so if you are bothered by anything you will get over it, and if I am bothered by you being here I will get over it. It’s really no big deal.

What is wonderful though is that I have a great family, extended family, friends, all that good stuff.

They already know I don’t follow social norms. I am not easily controlled based on what other people think.

Thanks for the question I know many people have asked me the same thing which is why I am doing this post.