This Divey Little Piss Ant Bar

This Divey Little Piss Ant Bar

Lots of new people here. Just so y’all know how it works in this divey little piss ant bar here in the Internet Wasteland. You send me questions or comments privately, or post them publicly on my page and I will share them.

If they come in privately I assume you want to remain anonymous, UNLESS YOU TELL ME OTHERWISE. I sometimes even change little facts or details to throw people off so there is no way anyone will know it is you. (ie I slightly change age, number of kids, keep it gender neutral if possible.)

Here is the most important thing to note. I never respond privately unless it is business related.

Let me repeat that. I never respond privately. So if you send me an email saying, “I want to write in a question, but I want to make sure you will do it anonymously please write me back.” I will not write you back.

Why? Because I just said it here.

Why am I such a stickler and make no exceptions?

It is so EVERYONE knows that is the case. So even if you say to yourself, “geez I just asked a simple question, couldn’t she just respond?” Please remember this isn’t just about you friend, there could be the well meaning man who emails me asking a sex question about his wife. Maybe his wife stumbles on it and isn’t too happy.

She will at least go to this site and see her husband in no way ever had any actual contact with me privately and no lines were crossed.

Also I am married. A great deal of what we discuss here is sexual in nature.

Do the math.

Don’t like it? I understand. I will remember that the next time I cash the check you gave me. Wait. No check? Right… you DON’T pay me.

Got it? Got it.

Thanks for playin’!