You Are Just Two Lying, Cheating People

You Are Just Two Lying, Cheating People

Gosh I feel bad. I feel bad for how big of a bitch I am about to sound like, so before I even write this, I feel a little bad because I know where this is headed.

I get emails from time to time from various committed folks who are cheating on their mate, or various people who are having affairs with people that are in committed relationships.

I got nothin’ for you here. I’m sorry I just don’t.

When you send me your emails saying things like, “We have never felt this way before about anyone other than each other. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle… (blah blah blah, whatever the friggin’ problem is)?”

No. I have no suggestions. Zilch. Enjoy your affair and God Bless. (If there is even a God out there.)

Fan-fucking-tastic. But if you come here all you will hear me say is, “I call bullshit.”

The romance of it all is based in sadness. Sad married/committed person deciding to find “love” in another human being other than the person they promised to be faithful to.

I don’t care what you do. I don’t engage in any of that nonsense.

Do you read my page? I am one blunt mother fucker. The only reason I have never cheated on anyone is because I will let you know if I am unhappy long before any other man is even near me.

So for those of you who say, “but you don’t understand!”

No, I don’t. Nor do I care to.

Sorry, ya gotta go else where if you are looking for advice on how to handle your cowardly affairs.

It is cowardly after all. It really is. Selfish, cowardly, cruel and lacking integrity.

Four things I do not relate to, so I would not even know what to say to you.

I have lost a few girlfriends through the years because they were cheating on someone and came to me for a shoulder to cry on.

I couldn’t help them or even remain friends with them for that matter, how the hell can I be of use to strangers in this regard.

And to the best of my knowledge I have only been cheated on by one person, I can’t even say I was that mad, I just immediately lost all attraction or regard for them as a human being. I am always amazed that people get over this sort of thing which I know they do all the time, I’m just sayin’ I don’t think I’m wired like that.

Most romances that have started as an affair that I know of have ended. Not all but I would say about 99.9%. Why? Once the drama is over. Once there is nothing sad to bond over, you are just two lying cheating people who found each other in a moment of true weakness. Once these people face that reality, they get bored with each other or start getting paranoid that their mate will do the same thing to them.

Which is usually true.

Please, anyone out there that is not as black and white knock yourself out. Go ahead and comment all you want and tell me I’m wrong, or simple minded in this regard.

Fine by me, I don’t really care. I am just saying I like honesty. Doesn’t even have to be monogamy. Tons of people are not monogamous, I know a few, love them and I have a ton of respect for their honesty.