I am compiling my top topics/blogs for a book that I will most likely be self publishing and distributing. I will also be doing a video soon to update on all that I have going on.

Lots of crazy awesome things on the horizon.

I have met with book publishers and agents about doing a book, however I want to do this on my own just to see what it’s like first. And so that I can write whatever the hell I want.

One problem I noticed when meeting with book agents. They all think I should spend a significant amount of time discussing women and aging. Women and plastic surgery, women and the pressure to stay thin.

What part of, “I really don’t give a rats ass about those topics” do they not understand?

This photograph is of a woman I have admired for years. She speaks out on this shit regularly. I say let her, and women like her, handle it.

Clearly she is doing it well and looks damn good while doing it might I add. (Jamie Lee Curtis pictured here. She is in her 50’s rarely wears make up in person and always looks cool, sexy, and effortless.)

I have known her casually for over 20 years now. She doesn’t obsess about her weight, she lets her hair be grey, she has a “to each their own” attitude about plastic surgery.

So if I were to do a chapter about this shit rather than say, “this is what I think is the “right size”, this is what I think about plastic surgery, this is what I think about how you should maintain your appearance.”

I would rather have a chapter that said one sentence.


And be done with it.

Hmmm…. I just may be on to something.

Seriously the moment people stop judging each other on what they do or don’t do will be a very happy day in my opinion.

In this town, (L.A.,) women, (and some men,) are quick to let you know their opinions. “I would never use plastic surgery, hair dye, botox, fillers,” (whatever else you can put into this category of desired appearance changers.) … When people ask me what I think, I always say, “I have no clue what I may or may not choose to do one day, but I promise you I will not seek your approval to do whatever the hell I decide to do.”

Bottom line of this blog?

Are you happy with what you look like? Is the person fucking you happy?

Good. You’re done.

Those really are the only questions that matter.

Anyone else have anything to say?