Brutal Honesty

Brutal Honesty

A person wrote me this,

“I want to know if you think if being quiet during sex so your kids don’t hear it is mandatory? My kids are teenagers, (13 & 16) and they get angry if they can hear us having sex. We are noisy, but so what? They know we do it. It’s our home, so deal with it we say. We thought we would ask you. Most parents would tell us to quiet down but we know Twisted Broad would get it. My husband and I are fans of your writing, keep up the great work!”

Nope. Sorry. I side with your kids.

A little bit of noise is to be expected. But if it’s super noisy and obvious?

That’s fucked up.

And you complimented me. And you are a couple who likes my page. I am taking a shit on a demographic I am grateful to reach. But here I am ruining your image of me. Oh well. I would totally be kissing your ass, and saying what you want to hear if I were that kinda gal. But I’m not.

Please remember these are just my opinions, fortunately you will now get other peoples opinion too if they choose to comment below.

May the force be with you.

Note to all of you. I adore all of you and am so grateful you are all here.

With that said, I answer will always honestly per my own opinion.

If you don’t agree, take it with a grain o salt.