Check Yourself

Check Yourself

A young woman wrote to me a while back and I didn’t reply because my answer is admittedly super harsh.

She sent me modeling photos of herself validating that she is indeed beautiful by societies standards.

Her email was this,

“I am 28 years old and I have a hard time making good friends because I am beautiful. Jealousy always gets in the way.”

This photo is a friend of mine since I was 16 years old.

The other photo is her now grown son who is an incredible artist. (Click here to see more of his art work.

She made friends.

How? Her looks are the least of her qualities. She now has three sons, all of them are amazing. That is a something to be proud of. But her looks? They are obvious and noticeable yet not that big of a deal once you get to know her.

Might I suggest you learn your looks are the least of your qualities too?

Beauty by societies standards can be used to profit if you choose to. You made the choice becoming a model. Good for you.

But other than that? Who gives a fuck?

Perhaps your problem is that you think that’s your number one asset?

It’s not. The sooner you accept that, others will accept it to.

Yes, it is that simple.

Jealousy is not something a confident friend would worry about just as I don’t worry about it with this dear friend of mine.

Might I suggest you find a friend who is cooler than you to teach you how to be cool.

There are those very sexy friends who may not have classic beauty by societies standards. They have something far more interesting.

You need more of that in your life is what it sounds like.

Great friends will help you grow into a woman that sees clearly what really matters. Right now it sounds like you need a friend more than even you know. Go find them and whatever you do, do not tell them, “It’s hard for me to make friends because I’m beautiful.”

That makes you sound very ugly.

Start with finding interests that maybe don’t involve your looks so much and then you will meet other women who are involved in other things as well. Then talk to them about that.

You asked me if I ever have this problem.

No, I personally never did. But then again I don’t view myself in that way. My appearance only matters to me during sex with my husband. It’s a wonderful tool I use in order to achieve desired effect with the person I choose to rub body parts with. Other than that, what I look like means nothing.

Perhaps I have made friends easily my whole life because I don’t view it as important for any other reason. It also means I don’t see my appearance as any better than anyone else’s.

You may be beautiful, however there is a man or woman right now who perhaps is reading this who is in love with a woman. They wouldn’t give you much more than a quick look. Why? They are with the most beautiful woman in the world. And that woman is not you.

So check yourself hon.

If there is a nicer way to say it… have at it folks.