Friend Fights

Friend Fights

I am going through old emails and see two topics that I have a lot of old emails about. I rarely get into them any more just because they aren’t topics I deal with. Drama with ex’s and friend fights.

The topic of friend fights I can never relate to. All people I know personally I adore. I also have a really easy going personality and a long fuse. Might I suggest you season yourself with some of those traits as well? “Bitch” is out of style. It’s so last year.

So on the topic of friend fights, if you are having a problem with this regularly are you sure they are the right friends for you?

One last thing, you can’t control another person but you can control you.

Be like Jesus.


But remember you are not Jesus. You too are flawed.

Check yourself.

Jesus just told me to tell all of you Christians He approves of this message.

I am not a Christian as I have said before but when it comes to forgiving others and checking myself when need be I whip out the Jesus card. He doesn’t mind. He told me so.