A Bit Of A Mutt

A Bit Of A Mutt

Somebody wrote into me to tell me about this Columbian actress, Amparo Grisales. Apparently this person who wrote into me is a huge fan.

To answer your question, no I have never heard of her. But I looked her up, she’s gorgeous and she’s 57 years old. Right on!

Regardless of retouching, or whatever the hell is going on to continue to make her look this good, (many of you write into me privately saying you wish I would post photos of older women, looking older,) but regardless of that, what I love is that she is still doin’ it.

She’s a sexy lady no doubt thanks for the photos!

To answer your other question, no I am not Columbian or any Latin roots that I am aware of. My mom doesn’t really look white though so we razz my grandmother regularly to see if there is something she wants to confess. I can dance and have great rhythm so does that mean I can claim Latin roots anyway? I would love that.

Either way, I’m a true American. A bit of a mutt.