Someone wrote to me sending me this picture of Bjork now, (the one that looks like a mug shot.) The question the person asked was, and I quote, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BJORK?” (The rest of the comment, “Her face used to be so beautiful.”)

Dude. She did not commit a crime. She did not do anything wrong.

She aged. It happens to all of us. Don’t be frightened.

The woman is 48 years old.

I looked on line and found this other photo of her on stage recently rocking feathers around her ears. What does that tell you? She is just fine bein’ all Bjorky and shit.

Don’t criticize Bjork. I can’t take it. I love her face too damn much. I want to place gummy bears all over it and lick them off. Even when she is 95, I will still want to do it.

She is extraordinary. Incredibly talented. Her appearance shouldn’t matter when providing us with music and her magical voice. Having said that, in my opinion, that face is and always will be stunning. A true work of art.

If you don’t see a rainbow of awesomeness when you look at Bjork regardless of age then we will have to agree to disagree.

I even was ok with the stupid swan outfit.

And for some weird reason I have always wished I could spy on her having sex. I have this thought it would be bizarrely mesmerizing. Aliens come down from the heavens to fan her, and glittering pixie dust naturally would fly off her body then morph into angel gnomes that crawl on the floor giggling as she effortlessly slithers around.

At least those are the scenarios that have come to mind when she accidentally slips into my thoughts while masturbating.

Anyone else have anything to add?