Apply Now!

Apply Now!

From my last post, one of you named Kyle replied, “very entertaining, possibly useful! please share other applications/contracts/etc. thanks”

Here you go Kyle. The man who sent me the contracts, applications, etc. also sent me this one.

Feel free to alter as needed depending on what is important to you.

I read this application with a total lack of humor. I tried to pretend if my husband were to have passed it to me during the time we were dating, would I have filled it out?

Hell yes I would. Back in the day I would have been comfortable filling out this entire form.

With the exception of the “past references” part. I have found this is not a good idea. Not because of jealousy, rather because if someone was not good with you in bed, always remember it could have been you… not them… Just sayin’.

And as always what is good for one person may not be good for another.

Wow I really am taking this seriously. I’m not sure what that says about me if anything.

Thank you person who sent it to me!