Sex And All Its Glory

Sex And All Its Glory

I just did a post for a young woman asking about how to have a richer sexual experience. I purposely left out actually being in love or romance. Why? Because I think women are taught the importance of love and romance from the get go. It’s in everything we are focused on growing up. All movies, Disney, everywhere… we are wired for a girly romantic experience from the moment we come out of the womb.

What it seems many women can become confused by is the actual act of sex itself. How to enjoy it in all it’s glory.

So to the lady that just emailed me after my last post saying she was disappointed I didn’t write about the importance of love and romance in a sexual relationship that is why.

Not to mention there are many people who may argue that love and romance might not have to be present to truly enjoy an actual sex act. I admit that is not me, I do prefer sex with love and romance, sue me I am a chick. However I do see that not all are like me and it is definitely not a requirement for all.

And no I don’t take offense. I hope you see my perspective as I have considered yours.

Thanks for writing in.

Anyone else have anything to add?