Sex Face

Sex Face

I have met a lot of people in person recently that have asked me exactly what I do here. It always goes the same way.

Me: “I write about silly funny often sexual things you see in cheesy magazines like Cosmo, GQ, Mens Health, Playboy, Penthouse, etc. only I write about it from a 43 year old female perspective rather than the usual writers that are often men, or young women.”

After I say that there is a bit of thought on their part. I see a look in their eye that says, “She writes about sex. I wonder what she says?” It’s as if the other things I said mean nothing which I guess they don’t.

What then happens is people let their hair down and start talking openly about sex. Often they can even make me blush.

The point of this post? I am just the first one on the dance floor people, when y’all join me, I often become the “tame” one.

So if you are new here, welcome. Let yer freak flag fly.

Next topic? Sex face. We all have it. I imagine I look like I am “special’ and am possibly having an epileptic seizure. The word, “sexy” doesn’t come to mind although my husband swears it is.

My husband looks like he might kill someone which for some reason turns me on to no end. I think that says more about me then him.

Which leads to a question one of you wrote to me about. A woman wrote to me asking if it was ok to talk to her lover about her insecurity regarding her own sex face. She thinks she looks ridiculous yet she doesn’t want to bring it up if it only draws attention to it and he didn’t even notice it.

Remember I am not a therapist, I am just a person with experience.

Hell yes I would bring it up. But I would bring it up with joy and laughter. Talking about sex only makes you both more comfortable with all conversations regarding sex. If you can comfortably and easily talk about your sex face and that goes well, imagine you will have opened the door to keep talking about all sorts of other things too.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post.

The reason I do all of this isn’t only for profit, (which I am a total whore when it comes to this idea,) I also do it to get people more relaxed talking about sex.

I find communication when fucking/making love/ gettin’ busy, is the number one trick to having it all work spectacularly in the bedroom. Or kitchen. Or bathroom. Or dining room. Or where ever floats yer boat.

Anyone else have anything to add?