The All-Knowing Oracle

The All-Knowing Oracle

“Is your blog for young women to ask older women sex advice? Don’t take offense, but you don’t seem old enough to label yourself the all knowing oracle. A woman in her 30’s doesn’t know that much more than someone like me in my 20’s. I am certain I am having good sex and I don’t need your ‘advice’. ”

Someone just wrote in that question for me.

No offense taken, thanks for the question.

But first please remember you are speaking for yourself only. Isn’t it selfish to assume all things need to cater to you specifically? Food for thought.

On my site, we talk about a lot of different topics and all people answer regardless of age or gender, I am just one of the voices. I am not a therapist, just a random woman with an opinion.

I don’t think young people need advice unless they ask for it. So I do my best to not come from an all knowing place, it’s experience that’s talking. Often it’s reassurance rather than advice that is needed.

Honestly I wish I had a page like this when I was in my 20’s. I would have loved the support myself, so I am just doing for others what I wished was available to me back then.

I am hopeful for the younger generations that you all won’t have the same issues my particular generation had to deal with.

You all seem to be far more advanced in many ways so I would never insult you by assuming I am the “right” one. It’s a personal opinion I offer. Take it or leave it.

I do think from time to time it is nice to get perspectives from others if needed. And once in a while a person who maybe has 10 or 20 years on you can add a different perspective than you originally thought of before.

To answer your other question, I’m not sure what is old enough to do this? I’m 43 soon to be 44. I’m not in my 30’s.

As a woman in her 40’s I also am quick to realize that when someone offers a silly page like this it’s not meant to be taken as a breeding ground for some new religion or guru/oracle thing.

If it’s on the internet and it’s a random Facefuck page, quite clearly it’s not that serious. I am the owner/bartender of dive bar in the internet wasteland. I serve up topics like cocktails to entertain those who check in. To read any more into it then that is giving it too much thought.

Thanks again for the question though.

Anyone else have anything to add? I doubt it, but I thought I’d ask anyway.