Double Standard

Double Standard

Thanks to the person who posted this to my page I couldn’t agree more.

This double standard is horrible.

She. Is. Evil. No 35 year old teacher who is day in day out with teenagers, (even 17 year old ones,) should get sexual with their students. Any evil person like this in a power position is dangerous to impressionable teenagers.

Lock her away and throw away the key.

This wasn’t even a one time deal. She is doing it repeatedly.


Any adult. ANY ADULT, who repeatedly goes for people under the age of 18, even if it’s a 17 year old is on a power trip and is mentally unstable. That is a fact.

Grrrrrrrrrr……… I am the mother of a 12 year old boy and an almost 13 year old step son. Both these boys are wise beyond their years, charming and ridiculously handsome. But they still are just boys. I could see them as they get older, 15, 16, 17… charming an older woman. Meaning an older woman no doubt would be blown away by their minds and kind hearts. The fact that they will no doubt be extremely handsome as well is not lost on me.

The thought of a woman like this preying on them terrifies me.

I want to claw this woman’s evil eyes out with my bare hands.

So then what would I do if my boys were 18 and consented to fooling around with a 35 year old college professor? That I would stay out of.

I would still think the woman was not cool for seducing a student however if a man is 18 it is different. Even if it’s just one year. The reason isn’t about the mindset of the younger person. It’s the mindset of the older person that freaks me out.

The mindset of a person who actually is ok with doing something that if caught would register him or her as a sex offender for life is what I find so disturbing. It’s not necessarily about the age specifically, (meaning it’s only a year between 17 and 18,) what I am so disturbed by is that a person who is well into adulthood is ok with breaking a law like that. That is terrifying proof of an even deeper psychological problem.

Anyone else have anything to add feel free.