My Favorite Look

My Favorite Look

This was my favorite look at the Golden Globes since one of you asked. (I got a message asking me.) I didn’t watch the globes and generally speaking, I don’t “do” awards shows. I have been to them. They are really boring. I have watched them…. snore. I am not a big fan of congratulatory productions for Hollywood. If it were an awards show for Vets, teachers, fire fighters, I would watch it and worship the shows. But it’s for Hollywood. Not interested. Sorry.

Ok now that I have shared my Debbie Downer boredom with that, (sorry, I know many of you would totally disagree, and I respect that.) Back to the question at hand. I think this particular look is stunning.

I am blown away. Gorgeous.

I would ask you all to please refrain from making a joke if this isn’t your cup o tea. These people take great pride in their appearance and enjoy presenting themselves exactly as they see fit. I respect, and love it on every level. I have a ton of drag queen friends that I adore so please. Do. Not. Go. There. If you don’t like it, take your hate elsewhere.

Thanks guys.

All other people…. enjoy!