Norman Lear

Norman Lear

Rarely do I regret anything these days, however man o man do I regret this.

I have an amazing friend named Vicki Ableson who has a group called “Women Who Write”. She gets these ridiculously brilliant writers to come to her home and speak or read something they are working on.

On Tuesday the 27th, she had Norman Lear at her home. Fuck me. I missed it.

That’s all. I just needed to vent. Here is a link to her page for anyone interested.

On a side note, this is a little bit of trivia. When “All in the Family” began, Edith was 44 and Archie was 47.

I am 44 and my husband is 45. My how middle age has changed.

Anyone else around our age surprised at how much more fun being this age is then what was depicted growing up?

I highly recommend it. Middle age ain’t bad at all.

I hope all my fellow middle aged people agree. (Even the term middle age has a negative connotation yet it is an accurate description therefore not insulting in the slightest.) Old shouldn’t be considered a bad word, and middle age is fun.

Off soapbox.