If it fits…

If it fits...

Attn: All heterosexual men. Please be like my husband. This is how to not be homophobic.
(And for those of you men interested in men click on the link. I’m sure you will enjoy.)

Recently someone approached my husband via email asking permission to use a remix he did for their advertisement. He produces music for various things and they wanted this remix he did. (Great song!) Without looking at the project first, my husband being the nice guy he is said, “Sure, just make sure to add a credit for the music.” The company agreed, and was very grateful.

Cut to: The finished cut of this companies ad was sent to my husband with a thank you attached.

I walked into his office this morning and he was laughing. He said, “You have to see this!” I sat next to him and watched this ad with him. After it was done he said, “Well, my music does fit the piece and it is well shot.” He smiled then was onto his next order of business.

Click on the page below and hit play. Enjoy!