Someone sent me this link privately. I talk occasionally about being an introvert. For some people they may think someone like me can not be an introvert. I write openly about so many things, I do YouTube videos, etc. That is where a “strictly business” mentality comes in. My desire to work, and make a living using any skills I have supersedes my desire to hibernate. So like anyone with a job that has challenges, my challenge is to do a job meant for extroverts, while still honoring the fact that I am an introvert. My husband is the same way. He works in an environment where he must be outgoing. He overcomes his desire to just be quiet and left alone in order to make a living.

This is true for most introverts. We conform to an extroverted world.

For those of you who assume introverts are simply quiet people, it’s a bit more than that. We can be very chatty at times, open and friendly. It’s just that we find our greatest peace in our alone quiet times. If you require effort or work to “gear up” to go out to an event or function, you too may be an introvert living in an extroverts world which is often what I feel like living in Los Angeles. Even my years as a somewhat skilled actress were difficult for me, not because i had stage fright, but because I just liked pretending to be other people for fun, however the necessity for an audience and adulation wasn’t much of a payoff for me. This attitude alone made me different from the majority of extroverted actresses out there. I found that line of work very easy to walk away from when the writing was on that wall that I probably wouldn’t make much of a good living at it anyway.

Yet as someone who now see’s I am basically an introvert for the most part, I have come to embrace it. I am glad I never let it hold me back from trying or doing anything. And I found that in dating, being an actual introvert is incredibly helpful. I don’t like talking too much about myself, I would rather learn about the person I am on a date with. I don’t feel the need to fill silence with words. I am not needy, and don’t require a tremendous amount of attention. In fact I would prefer very little. I used to over compensate by forcing myself to be really “out there” (usually requiring liquid courage,) but once I rid myself of my vices, I came to understand the real me inside. (How “Oprahish” of me, I know.)

The world needs extroverts, they are the ying to our yang. So this post isn’t about putting extroverts down or suggesting they don’t have the ability to do the things introverts do. Many mature extroverts have learned how not be “the center of attention” everywhere they go. They have learned to embrace quiet. They take some of an introverts qualities into their mix the way we take their qualities into ours.

When dating I did learn how to mix in a good amount of extroverted personality traits, which is why I am very comfortable talking about anything and everything. Like many introverts, I have overcome being shy. That was a great gift I picked up from extroverts. It really is easy to make new friends and talk to people. It’s even possible to “pick up on someone” or ask them for a date.

So I guess my point of this post is if you are an extrovert here is an article you may want to steal a few tips from. You can be an extrovert and learn these things from an introvert, just as many of us introverts have learned so many things from you.

Anyone else have anything to add? It goes without saying I’m not the biggest fan of labels. I would prefer to just be me and not slap the title “introvert” on myself. However in general I do think this one label sorta fits.