Kam. Damn. Kam.

Kam. Damn. Kam.

My household is still licking its wounds after the shock of “The Game” in which… well… we all know what happened.

None the less, I am wearing my Packers shirt today and not picking a team. I just can’t.

But I will pick who I think is the sexiest player.

Kam. Damn. Kam.

However I am watching the pregame show and they are talking about why he is wearing a brace due to a knee injury, and the camera cuts to him walking off the field. He walks off the field like a sexy warrior. Cool. But then he stoically points his finger up to the sky. Making it very clear, God is helping him right now.

I’m Agnostic so for those who I offend, I’m sorta sorry, but not really.

I “pray” if there is a Jesus, God, or whatever out there.. He, She, or It is not attending the Superbowl today. Please be making use of your time where you are really needed. I hear there is a war going on somewhere.

Sorry Kam. I hope your knee is fine, and please thank your parents for mixing DNA correctly, however just play ball and let God be where He is really needed.

Now that I got that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy the game!

Who are you all rooting for? And who do you guys think is the hottest player on the field today? Heterosexual men I want your responses too. Come on any man crushes out there?

Tom Brady? Anyone out there man enough to admit they would secretly pick Tom Brady over Giselle?