My Book

My Book

Today I was hoping to release my book via ebook. This is not the actual cover, however it does let you know the title which is soon to be released.
The hiccup has to do with formatting for eBook and the actual publishing.
This is the first time I’ve done this so I am learning as I go. Even though my book has been done for a while now, there is a process that takes longer than I expected.

Bottom line… look for my book to be out in eBook form by April and an actual physical copy of my book paperback will be available for purchase shortly after that.

Thanks for your continued support and patience! Many of you have asked me both privately and publicly how you can support my efforts here, and this is the answer. Please buy my book when it becomes available so I can keep on keeping on with what I do here. I am like a PBS station only instead of intellectual programing, I supply titillating conversation had at a dive bar in the Internet Wasteland.

The book is worth the wait. It is a compilation of some of my most popular blogs polished up, (for all you grammar and english nazi’s out there, you should be able to read it now minus run on sentences, repeated thoughts, and punctuation mistakes,) you will also find some of your comments in it too for those of you who reply regularly! All last names are left out, I do protect your identity of course, but you will know it’s you if you wrote it!

And last it will have a few added stories just for fun, like the story about how my “Men’s Size and what we Women Would Like Ya To Do” video effected my dating life. (Click here to watch the original video that now has over six million hits.

I also will have a story detailing my actual experiences with vaginal rejuvenation which so many of you have privately asked me about after I did my video, “Women’s Size: Vagina Myth’s and Facts” (Click here to watch the original video which has almost a million hits.

So there is my book update for now. I really do appreciate your continued participation so stay tuned!!!

Thanks guys and have a great Valentines Day–

(P.S. My new book also has a great story for all you single people on Valentines Day I think you will enjoy. )