Whores and Attention Whores

Whores and Attention Whores

I have an interesting question. If you have a friend, and you see him or her acting out in a way that is embarrassing on a social media page do you say something or stay out of it? Once in a while when reading my personal pages where it’s just friends checking in I see people either over sharing, or clearly trying to jab at someone. It brings out the high schooler in all of us so I always want to call up the friend and say, “Want to go out to lunch and chat? Better that, then airing your dirty laundry on a social media site.”

These are smart, evolved supposedly mature adults. Both women AND men do this. Do you notice this too? Do you say anything to them directly or leave it alone?

I ask this on this page because I bring up topics that others might find interesting or have thoughts on for discussion. It’s part of a brand I’m creating.

So I talk in a general way about things I have been through too but I do this for profit only.

In other words, I am totally cool with using my stories to make a buck. Selling out is just fine with me. I think the only thing that’s disturbing are those who do it solely for the purpose of venting publicly.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s ok to be a whore, just don’t be an attention whore.

Talk amongst yerselves.