The Coolest Human Being On the Planet

The Coolest  Human Being On the Planet

My twelve year old son tells me he wants one of these, and he tells me he wants to play Bowie’s Space Oddity on it.

Based on this request, I think I may have given birth to the coolest human being on the planet, so of course I make it happen. I found a store that sells them locally and go in to purchase it for him, (my son later of course reimburses me for it with his own saved up money.) I’m so proud that this is what he wants to spend his own money on, I could hardly contain myself.

Then… just now… he asks me for help.

“Hey mom how do I take the disc thingy off?” He couldn’t remember the name of the disc thingy.

It gets better. When I went to the store to purchase the record player, the approximately 18 year old check out girl says, “You know if you buy this machine, they also sell those big C.D.’s that you use with them if you want me to show you where they are.”

Disc thingy and big C.D.’s.

Records. The word is records. Fortunately I know you all know this… but don’t assume anyone under eighteen has any clue what they’re called.

Wow. Just wow.

That’s all. I had to share.