The First Move

The First Move

I need to know is this an age thing or a type of person thing? Or where you come from thing?

I have never once made the first physical move on a man I dated. Never. It could never happen. I am incapable of it. But I’m hearing more and more that this isn’t the case anymore for women.

Women apparently do it all the time now. I’m not at all against it, in fact I am intrigued. Are you a woman who is cool with making the first physical move on a man? Are you a man who likes it when a woman does it? Now I’m married so I make very strong aggressive moves all the time, that bitch will do as he’s told, (just kidding honey,)….. (no… I’m not kidding… your ass is mine bitch…)… (just kidding…)… (not really…) but I could never do it in the beginning.

What are your thoughts on this? Also let me know ages too. I was talking with a friend and she is my age, (almost 44,) so we aren’t sure if this is an age thing or a just us thing.

I dig it if it’s a new thing and young women are just taking it. Go on with yer bad selves.