The Funny Thing About Anger

The Funny Thing About Anger

A number of emails that came in while I was finishing up my book were people wanting opinions on various things that angered them. Usually someone had pissed them off and they wanted to vent to me, hoping I would write a post agreeing with them that their situation is worthy of complaint.

All of your emails sound valid from your point of view. But here is the funny thing about anger. I have noticed whenever I was legitimately angry at someone or something, karma always took care of it. Always. I don’t even believe in karma, yet karma still existed despite my disbelief. So I always do the same thing no matter what. Stay out of it. Walk away. It requires no reply from me. Whenever someone or something has absolutely wronged me… I know that same thing is wronging others, therefore it will get it’s “revenge” via karma.

Which leads back to you. How is your life? How are you feeling? Are you happy and joyous? Is the world treating you well overall? I have been in a state of bliss pretty much for the most part for a number of years. And the only thing I know is that I have not experienced one bad thing that was not easily overcome in a very long time. I don’t want to get arrogant about that, nor do I assume this good fortune will last forever, but I do think it has a little to do with karma. I look in the mirror honestly knowing I really do my best to stay on a high road. I’m not perfect at it, but I am perfectly honest at it. When I’m wrong it’s very obvious to me. When people I respect tell me to reevaluate a perspective I have, I always listen. I never believe I am 100% right and others are 100% wrong. I just do my best and move on.

So that’s what I suggest to you. Don’t focus so much on whatever it is that you think is wrong or doing you wrong. That gets you no where. Focus on what is right and go towards that. You can’t be actively going towards positive while hanging on to negative.

The only person that has the right to tear you to shreds and you still need to stick it out… are your kids.

My son recently told me I am too old to wear shorts. He then went on a long tangent as to why. I was laughing so hard. I swear that kid could tell me I was the dumbest, most ridiculous, embarrassing fool on the planet and somehow or another I would think it was funny or cute as hell.

Which leads to my final point. If someone criticizes you or tears you down, if it is not helpful, humorous, or coming from someone you love so much you would find it impossible to be hurt by their words… then why are you listening to them in the first place?

Anyone else have anything to add on the topic of people places or things that anger you feel free to do so in the comments section.