I woke up to a funny link sent to me about ageism in Hollywood. The person who sent it to me thought I would like to write about the topic because I’m… old.

First let’s talk about that word. Old. It immediately makes people cringe and think it’s an insult. I like the word. I like getting older. So already I don’t belong in the conversation.

Therefore I’m going to talk about other people because I can’t relate to this topic. I’ve been watching this show “Bloodline” on Netflix. There are two actresses that are equally fuckable. Both of them are gorgeous. One of them is three years older than the other.

Guess which one is older? The one on the bottom is 42 the one on the top is 39. The one with no wrinkles what so ever is actually three years older than the one on top who has the exact same bone structure and overall coloring. So clearly the one on the bottom is more aggressive about fighting the aging process. Which makes the feminists and “pro woman!” fighters angry. We are supposed to hate the one that’s fighting the process of aging for succumbing to the pressure, while the actress on top is the superior one for being less shallow.

In truth, both of them are hot. Both of them are fuckable. This shouldn’t be a debate. Don’t want wrinkles? Get rid of them.
Now you can. If you love your wrinkles and think they are sexy? You are right. Keep them. That’s cool too. Neither choice is wrong. And neither choice should be debatable. It’s your face do what you want.

So you ask what I personally think as an aging woman about the aging dilemma women face? I think I don’t want to think about it and just watch my husbands cock get hard when he looks at me. When it comes to my appearance, that’s really my only objective.

I’m 44 years old. It works for him so I’m good. Other than that I don’t sweat it.

Anyone else have anything to add feel free.

To watch the Amy Schumer sketch about ageism click here OR copy/paste this into browser: