My Rant

My Rant

For those of you who may have read this. This pizza joint says they will not serve pizza if it was ordered for a gay wedding.

I am sure there isn’t a gay couple that was looking to order pizza from them any time soon, but the point remains… not ok.

I posted a rant on their page… feel free to do so as well.

My rant: “I hope while you go out of business all of this backlash you receive from all of these people sticks with you. I hope it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. I hope it affects your dreams. I hope you do not sleep well at night because of this. Notice I didn’t say “I pray” for all of these things to happen, I only hope it does. I don’t have to pray for any of this. God or whatever is out there is kicking your ass regardless. I’m certain you feel it right now. That anger frustration and anxiety you are experiencing as you read all of this, is God’s voice saying you are wrong. Monumentally wrong. God is already in action. My “prayers” aren’t really necessary. Signed, a Heterosexual mom who wants people like you to change.”

I do think the internet is good for these types of things. There must be a zero tolerance for any homophobia out there. If you disagree, please leave. Looking for quality here, not quantity.

To read more about it click here or look it up on line.…/indiana-pizza-parlor-public-deny-ser…

What they are saying is it’s their right to refuse service. Of course it is. And it’s our right to voice our opinion back. And it’s our right to let them know what we think of their choice.