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65171-200x300Twisted Broad is the brainchild of comedian Nicole Jackson Jones. This is a place where juicy, often taboo topics are explored in a unique, fun, irreverent way.

Raised a non-Mormon in Utah, Nicole developed a biting wit sharpened by years of being perceived as the heathen on the block, when in truth was she was a naive, virtuous, straight A student. (It was in fact the bishop’s daughter who first explained to her what a blow-job was.) It took Nicole until she was well into her twenties after moving to Los Angeles before she herself became truly worthy of the trashy insults and labels that followed her in her youth.

IMG_6326sm11-300x200As a divorced single mom, several doors of opportunity began opening up to her as she embraced her newly found freedom after ending an eleven year relationship. Jones decided to set her sights on what she considered a huge gaping hole in the market place for individuals 30 and up who are choosing not to partake in the white picket fence lifestyle for now, yet are enjoying so many happy, fun, exciting adventures. Thus Twisted Broad was born. It’s a no-holds barred depiction of the modern day world minus the Norman Rockwell images that were shoved down her throat growing up in her native Utah.

By sharing her own personal experiences and including anecdotes from her friends, she bridges the gap for a demographic that often feels left out or misunderstood. She points out the joy and puts a positive spin on what may be considered a not so traditional, old-fashioned way of living. Nicole’s followers find her warmth and lack of bitterness not only inspirational, but infectious as well.

So stay tuned! Twisted Broad and her friends will share hilarious life experiences and offer straightforward, often raunchy advice with a raw twist on subjects ranging from relationships, sex, dating, parenting, divorce, modern day morality, religion, health, aging, as well as many other timely topics.

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